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Pursuing Growth, Building Vision

We could tell you about our years of experience, awards, and highlight the rigors of our financial planning process. Our team possesses all of those elements and more – we are an educated group of financial professionals with a history of excellence.  

However, it’s not our awards and education that create an exceptional experience. What sets us apart from other financial firms is the way we deliver our advice with compassion and loyalty.  

We see potential where others see challenges. We come alongside you to pursue growth, and build a vision for your life and the life of your family.

What is it about life exactly that you love? Are you passionate about your job and what your skill set can do for someone else? Are you a business owner with a burning desire to change something about the world around you? Do you have aspirations of providing financial stability for your family for generations to come? 

Our team at Merkel Financial wants to help empower you to accomplish your goals. Let’s pursue growth together. 

More than a Client

Our mission is to help you positively impact your business, your family and your community. In an industry rife with a lack of clarity and trust, our client experience is different. To us, you are more than an account balance. We believe you are worth the effort. Worth the time. Worth the investment. From women dominating their start-ups to executives climbing the professional ladder and families working hard for their children’s future, we are here to provide the advice you need, right when you need it. 

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Lead with Purpose

We all have influence in our various spheres of life. You have the power to make a difference, whether you’re leading a company, your household, or your department at work. Our team can help you lead with purpose, define the new heights you want to reach, and design a plan to help you get there.

Client Centered
  • You’re looking for a relationship not a transaction. 
  • You want someone experienced who can understand complexity and make it simple – whether that’s owning a business or managing taxes.
  • You need a financial partner who just “gets it.”
  • You don’t want someone to just tell you what to do. You want to co-plan and co-create your future. 

Does this sound like you? Welcome to Merkel Wealth Management 

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