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Change your Focus, Change your Future

On the surface, many people think financial plans are all about account statements and charts. Those are elements of financial planning and yes, they are important and necessary! It certainly takes skill and dedication to think through retirement models, evaluate insurance policies and choose investments. 

But all of those things working in concert are just a catalyst for your dreams and taking care of those you love. The things that really matter in life are the things you love – your business, your job, your family, and your future. That’s where your focus belongs. Financial planning serves as a guide, to help keep your focus where it should be. 

You’ll discover at Merkel Wealth Management we don’t just offer recommendations for stocks or retirement accounts. We are a true partner, committed to giving you solid financial advice and creating a safe environment for you to dream about your vision for the future.

Things Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Merkel, I feel like someone is always looking out for us. I don’t spend precious time worrying, and I am motivated to prioritize money for my future.”

– Client 1

"Working with this team makes us feel confident in saving, planning, spending, anticipating, and adjusting – everything we need to proceed confidently with our own life plans and goals. We trust Merkel."

– Client 2

"In my opinion, the highest level of trust you can show a business is your willingness to refer a friend, and since I've sent my entire family to work with Michelle and her team, I'd say that shows the level of trust and confidence I have in her. She treats me the same amazing way today that she did when we first met 25 years ago."

– Client 3 

"Michelle Merkel is a very strong leader, and we have come to rely on her expertise and leadership when wrestling with complex issues that are beyond our knowledge and capabilities.”

– Client 4

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