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Why Merkel Wealth Management?

Culture is Everything

Your relationship with your financial professional is intensely personal; after all, you’re sharing a lot of details about your money and how it’s managed. The culture at Merkel Wealth Management is exceptionally unique, because it’s something we have cultivated with intentionality.

How would you define a fluid concept like culture? Well, we refer to it simply as “the way we do things here.” Our core values are part of every team member and define our client interactions – those values, to facilitate an experience where you feel comfortable being yourself.

Your Client Experience at Merkel Wealth Management


We believe wealth management is a collaborative process. Through our partnership, we are wholly focused on what makes you unique. Your story is unlike anyone else’s and your goals require a unique strategy. Instead of our team simply giving you a task list of to-dos, you’ll take an active role as co-creator in your financial plan.


Our relationship with you is of the utmost importance. You can count on our team to be responsive to your needs and keep you apprised of changes and adjustments in real time. No endless hold lines in a call center or waiting days on end for an email reply; we are intentional about taking the time to meet with you and listen.


Instead of relying on one provider for investment products or financial solutions we can apply to all of our clients, we design custom strategies that we believe are a good fit for your specific needs and yours only. Every decision is made purely with your best interests in mind.